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EJP Consulting will conduct a review of your company's Health and Safety program based on the WSIB Workwell Audit criteria. Once the audit is completed we will go through it with your Health and Safety committee to identify strengths in your existing program, identify target areas for improvements, and determine that the Health and Safety policy is being followed by employees.

This audit will determine compliance with current Government standards and laws to ensure due diligence. This audit will require an onsite workplace inspection by our staff and upon completion a detailed report will be given to the Health and Safety Committee for your records.

In the event that your company has been involved in a WSIB audit that has been unsuccessful, we are available to identify weaknesses and assist in implementing the necessary infrastructure to achieve a successful WSIB Workwell Audit result

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We specialize in:

Health and Safety Manual

Our consultants are experts in understanding our clients needs for complying with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. We provide expert assistance in developing health and safety manuals and ensure that Health and Safety standards are met in your workplace environment.

WSIB Workwell Audit

EJP Consulting Consultants will evaluate your current Health and Safety practices based on the WSIB Workwell Audit criteria.

Once the WSIB workwell audit is complete we will make recommendations to make improvements within your existing Health and Safety Program.

Health and Safety Policy Canada

We will work closely with your company JHSC to implement a Health and Safety Manual with Policies and Procedures as it is required under

the Occupational Health and Safety Act to ensure compliance and safety of your staff in the workplace.